Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oct 8th 2011 - Tabak Especial Negra

Today's cigar is a treat. Coming from the Drew Estate factory in Nicaragua is the Tabak Especial Negra. This vitola is the 6x52 Toro Negra. This is one of the infused cigars that helped but Drew Estate on the map. From the moment you light up the shaggy foot you get an instant hit of the coffee flavors that make this cigar so special. There's a subtle cedar earthiness that completely balances this cigar. I chose this cigar to be the daily cigar because fall is my favorite season. Between the crisp cool fresh air and changing of the leaves it's easy to lose yourself just like it is with this cigar. This is a perfect cigar to sit out on a cool fall morning with your favorite cup of joe and to forget your worries and enjoy the season.


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  1. E, great pic and killer post man.... keep up the good work, this is really killer E!