Friday, October 7, 2011

Oct 7th 2011 - Cohiba Siglo VI

Today's cigar is the Cohiba Siglo VI coming from Cuba. The Siglo VI comes in a 5.9x52 vitola. This cigar is a smooth full flavored pleasure that reviewers say is sweet and spicy with an excellent aroma. I haven't had one of these yet but was gifted one a few months back as a congratulatory cigar after I got engaged. Which brings me to why this is today's daily cigar. Exactly 1 year from now I will be marrying the love of my life and this will be the cigar that I enjoy on my wedding day. I'll be smoking this beauty while wearing my tuxedo t-shirt after becoming the luckiest man alive.

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  1. Congrats E! This coming Sunday will be my 1 year ago that my wife and I started dating! I am really happy for you brother, and you have the perfect stick to celebrate it with! -- 90+Irishman