Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oct 26th 2011 - Nica Libre

Day 3 of value week brings us a gem from Tabaclera Fernandez in Nicaragua. Today is Nica Libre Diplomatico in a 7x50 vitola. Nica Libre features a fantastic San Andreas Maduro wrapper with a Habano binder and Nicagraguan long fillers. This cigar is great. It has a very earthy spicy core with a coffee sweetness that keeps it from being bitter and rounds it out nicely. This is a fantastic box pressed cigar that smokes at a price point of around double what it averages which is around $3.



  1. E, like always you are doing a brilliant job with the daily cigar! I come on here every day excited to see what you have out next and you never disappoint! Great reads, beautiful pics, and truly meaningful stories... PERFECTLY done brother!

  2. Thanks Brett! Thank you for the kind words they mean a lot!