Friday, October 14, 2011

Oct 14th 2011 - Sungrown Label

Today's cigar is the Sungrown Label Robusto in a 5x50 vitola. The sungrown label comes from Tabaclera Fernandez in Nicaragua. The house blends have a value price point but don't let that fool you. The sungrown label is in my top 5. It's my top go to cigar. The beautiful wrapper on it is a Sungrown Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf. This cigar from foot to head exudes rich flavors of cedar, earth and spice with an underlying leather tone that makes this med-full bodied cigar a treat. I chose this as today's cigar because of the release of the iPhone4s. Apple has been extremely innovative and has helped the world. While all that is amazing we also have to remember to not lose touch with being hands on. I chose this pic from when I was working on restoring a dresser a few days back. I love working with my hands and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with the end result. It's relaxing and helps remind one of how things used to be and to not lose touch with that while balancing the new ever evolving ways of the world.


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