Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oct 6th 2011 - Man O War Ruination

Today I'd like to dedicate the blog to the late Steve Jobs. Steve was an innovator who changed not only technology but the world as we know it. Even when times were tough he never gave up and pushed on and accomplished his mission and his dream. In honor of Mr. Jobs I choose, with the help of my good buddy Stephen, the Man O War Ruination Robusto #2 which is a 6x60. This cigar's band depicts a Spartan warrior's helmet. Spartan warriors never gave up and never surrendered giving all they had to accomplish the mission at hand. This cigar to me changed everything. The first time, and every time since, this cigar has done nothing but amaze me. It opened my eyes to a whole different kind of blending and cigar. The MOW Ruination is from Nicaragua and is blended and produced by AJ Fernandez. This is a full bodied beauty that has a strong amount of ligero without being overpowering. It starts with oak and woody flavors that develop into spice and leather throughout. Anytime I'm about to light one up I know that it is going to be a pleasure just like anytime I fire up my iPad. Steve thanks for everything...


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