Friday, October 14, 2011

Let's look ahead to Nov 25th 2011 - #OccupyTheHumidor

Based upon some feedback from Oct 12th 2011's post for the 262 Paradigm an idea has blossomed. My good friend Stephen came up with #OccupyTheHumidor, follow us on wbfiller, facebook and twitter. We'd like to propose a national herf day. A day where we forget about all the occupy wall street, and occupy this and that crap and focus on how to better ourselves, our families and those around us. Take this day to enjoy a great cigar, share one with a friend(s) and plan out how you will help out those around you. Some examples: Plan to volunteer at a shelter or a soup kitchen, join the big brothers/big sisters program, hold a canned food drive, etc


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