Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4th 2012 - Tabak Especial Red Eye

Today I'm wrapping up my favorite cigars for this summer with an infused addition with the Tabak Especial Red Eye in it's only offering a 4.5x54 vitola. Drew Estate is known for their infused cigars and the Tabak Especial line is one of their coffee infused line. The Red Eye was introduced to be the espresso version. It features triple the amount of ligero used in the original Tabak Especial cigars. It features all Nicaraguan tobaccos. It has great flavor notes of coffee, espresso and a chocolaty sweetness.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

June 3rd 2012 - Room 101 San Andreas

Today I continue my top cigars for the summer series with what is in my opinion the top pre summer release of the year in the Room 101 San Andreas. Matt Booth decided to add a maduro cigar to his lineup and he went big. The San Andreas features a San Andreas Maduro wrapper from the Turrent family with the rest of the blend consisting of Corojo and Criollo tobaccos from the El Corojo farms. It's got great flavors of classic tobacco and earth with pepper, spice, chocolate, coffee. DSC_4804

June 2nd 2012 - La Herencia Cubana Dos Capas

Today brings us another addition to my top smokes for the summer in a dual wrapper, La Herencia Cubana Dos Capas in a 6x52 Toro vitola. The La Herencia Cubana Dos Capas comes from Tabaclera Fernandez in Nicaragua. This cigar features the wrappers from both the La Herencia Cubana and La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte. One is a Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro and the other is an Ecuadorian Sumatra Wrapper. The two cigars that had their wrappers combined to make this one featured the same Nicaraguan long fillers so combining them was only natural. This is a fantastic smoke that features an earthy, spicy, woody, nutty core that when combined with the sweetness from the sumatra wrapper and the peppery finish from the maduro wrapper makes this cigar a terrific smoke.


June 1st 2012 - Kristoff Sumatra

Continuing with my top smokes for the summer today brings us a sumatra addition to the list in the Kristoff Sumatra in a 6.5x56 Matador vitola. Kristoff has quickly become a big name in the industry with the high quality of cigars they're producing. The Sumatra features a Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, a Brazilian binder with Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. The Sumatra has core flavors of earth and spice with hints of wood and leather throughout. I'm a huge sumatra fan and this one is one my favs.


May 31st 2012 - Crowned Heads Four Kicks

In my top cigars of the summer today brings us a habano edition in the Crowned Heads Four Kicks in a 5x50 Robusto vitola. Crowned Heads hit the scene in 2011 and really made a big splash. The company was created by Jon Huber, Nancy Heathman, Mike Conder, Michael Trebing and company after the sale of CAO Cigars. Their first release is the Four Kicks. Hailing from Tabacalera LaAlianza S.A. in the Dominican Republic it features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with it's binder and fillers coming from Nicaragua. You get an earthy and woody core that is complemented by sweet spicy flavor notes that is well balanced and complex.


May 30th 2012 - Liga Privada Undercrown

Continuing my top summer cigars today brings us a very smooth and flavorful maduro the Liga Privada Undercrown 5x54 Robusto vitola. The Liga Privada line is a major departure from what Drew Estate is known for, their infused cigars. The Undercrown was developed by the rollers at Drew Estate. They were smoking the No. 9 so much that they were told they had to stop as the tobaccos used for the No. 9 are hard to come by. As a result they created their own blend using different primings from the tobaccos for the No. 9 and then they topped it off with a new wrapper. The Undercrown has a San Andreas Maduro wrapper, a Brazilian Mata Fina binder with Dominican and Honduran fillers. The Undercrown will not disappoint with great flavors of cedar, spice, pepper, coffee, nuts and a classic tobacco sweetness.


May 29th 2012 - American Label

Today I'm starting a series of my top smokes for the summer. Today brings us the top yard work cigar for this year in the American Label in a 6.5x42 Corona vitola.'s house blends are some of if not the best value smokes out there. The newest addition to the line that features all American tobaccos. The American Label features a Connecticut Shade Leaf wrapper, with a Wisconsin binder with Connecticut Broadleaf and Habano fillers. It's a cedary, nutty, earthy and creamy cigar that was fuller in body than I expected.


Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28th 2012 - Room 101 Namakubi

Today brings us the Room 101 Namkubi in a 4x48 Roxxo vitola. The Namakubi is a special limited release blend by Matt Booth. The Namakubi has an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with a Honduran binder with Honduran and Dominican fillers. The Namakubi features notes of espresso, wood and leather throughout with a slightly sweet finish to round out it's balanced complexity. I chose this to be today's Memorial Day Cigar. Matt Booth is a veteran of the Marine Corps Infantry so I saw no better cigar for today. I hope everyone and their families have a great and safe holiday weekend. I ask that you all take a moment and remember why it is that we have Memorial Day. Many brave Americans have fought for our freedom and have paid the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for their country. You may be gone but you and your sacrifices will always be remembered! Thank you for all you did... DSC_3181-1

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 27th 2012 - 5 Vegas Cask Strength II

Today brings us the 5 Vegas Cask Strength II in a 6x60 box pressed Firkin vitola. I can honestly say this has to be one of my favorite 5 Vegas cigars. They come package in a mini barrel when purchased by the box. It has a Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper with multi country fillers to include Nicaragua and the Honduras. You'll get an earthy, leathery and chocolaty cigar with the Cask Strength II. I chose this to feature today as two major races are both happening today with the Indianapolis 500 and the Coca Cola 600. DSC_4876

May 26th 2012 - La Reloba Seleccion Mexico

Today brings us the La Reloba Seleccion Mexico in a 5x50 Robusto vitola. The La Reloba line comes to us courtesy of the My Father Factory. Given that it has high expectations and it does not disappoint. The Seleccion Mexico has a Mexican San Andreas Maduro wrapper with it's binder and filler being Nicaraguan. It's got a classic maduro sweetness with earth, pepper, spice, wood and nuts. I chose this to feature today as a blind grab out of the humidor. DSC_4871

May 25th 2012 - San Lotano Maduro

Today brings us the San Lotano Maduro in a 5x52 box pressed Robusto vitola. San Lotano is brought to us by AJ Fernandez. It features a San Lotano Maduro wrapper, a Honduran binder and fillers from the Dominican Republic, the Honduras and Nicaragua. It's earthy and peppery with spice, chocolate and coffee that all work with each other to give a great full bodied experience. I chose this to be today's cigar because on this day in 1977 Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope was released. What has happened since nobody could have imagined. Star Wars has become one of the most popular and profitable movie series of all times. DSC_4874

May 24th 2012 - Outlaw 13

Today brings us the Outlaw 13 in a 6x52 Toro vitola. The 13 was a 2010 release by Outlaw Cigar Co. The story as I understand it is that Dion Giolito, of Illusione, and Jonathan Drew, of Drew Estate, got together and created the Nostros cigar. After receiving the cigar Dion decided that it wasn't what he was looking for and sent them back to JD. Then Outlaw swooped in and snatched up the stock and thus the 13 was born. The blend is being kept secret by Outlaw. What I do know is that it has a classic tobacco core with pepper, spice and a nice sweetness to it as well. I chose this to feature today as the Brooklyn Bridge was opened on this day 1883 after 14 years of construction. DSC_4872

May 23rd 2012 - Rocky Patel Decade

Today brings us the Rocky Patel Decade in a 6.5x52 Toro vitola. The Decade has long been regarded as one of the best cigars produced by Rocky Patel. He created it to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Rocky Patel Cigars. It features a Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper with Honduran long fillers. Pepper, leather, wood and coffee make up the flavor profile. I chose this to feature to pay homage to Owen Hart who lost his life on this day in 1999. Owen was a great wrestler who was always entertaining. Thanks for all the great memories! DSC_4854

May 22nd 2012 - 5 Vegas Series 'A'

Today brings us the 5 Vegas Series 'A' in a 4.5x44 Anomaly vitola. The people behind 5 Vegas wanted to bring a full bodied maduro to their line up and thus the Series 'A' was born. It has a Costa Rican Maduro wrapper with a three country blend to make up it's filler profile. You'll get a leathery and chocolaty core with earth, pepper and spice. I chose this to feature today to pay my respects to those lost and to those still recovering from the damage of the F5 tornado that ravaged Joplin, MI and took the lives of 116 people. I can't imagine what they've been through but wanted to let them know there are those of us who are still keeping them in our thoughts and prayers. DSC_4881

May 21st 2012 - Tarazona Classic

Today brings us the Tarazona Classic in a 6.5x52 Torpedo vitola. Eddie Tarazona owns and operates Tarazona cigars. He is a great guy. He donates $5 from every box to the Miami Humane Society Animal Rescue. I can't help but to love and respect that he does this. Ok so onto the cigar the Tarazona Classic features a Sumatra wrapper with it's binder and fillers coming from Nicaragua. It's a creamy, spicy, peppery, earthy and sweet cigar with classic tobacco that comes through to complement the other flavors. I wanted to feature this today to celebrate the 60th birthday of the one and only Mr.T!!! DSC_4882

May 20th 2012 - Berger and Argenti Entubar

Today brings us the Berger and Argenti Entubar in a 5 3/8x54 Robusto vitola. Berger and Argenti is a newer company to the cigar world being founded in 2009. The Entubar is one of the most creative designs I've ever seen in a cigar, which causes it to have an Advisory Foot Band. There's a center tube that sticks out from the foot and runs through the whole cigar. This tube consists of all ligero tobaccos. The fillers and binder that surround it are Nicaraguan and it has a Ecuadorian Connecticut Desflorado wrapper. You'll get a peppery, nutty, toasty, spicy and sweet cigar with the Entubar. I chose this to be today's cigar to be homage to Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis receiving their patent for blue jeans with copper rivets. They revolutionized jeans with their design and I feel like the Entubar design is revolutionary as well. DSC_4861

May 19th 2012 - Gurkha Beast

Today brings us the Gurkha Beast in a 6.5x56 vitola. The Beast is a limited production cigar by Gurkha with only 1000 boxes being produced annually. The Beast is wrapped in a well aged Costa Rican Maduro wrapper with it's fillers being a mix from the Dominican Republic, the Honduras, and Columbia. You'll get a chocolaty, earth and woody smoke with a full classic maduro sweetness to it as well. I chose this for today's cigar to celebrate London Fletcher's 37th birthday. London is a beast of a LB and has had a very long and productive career. I may not be a Redskins fan but I enjoy watching him play on a weekly basis. Happy Birthday London! DSC_4870

Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18th 2012 - Tatuaje T110

Today's brings us the Tatuaje T110 in the only size it was ever made, 4.3x52. Only 200 boxes of 25 cigars, 5,000 total, were made and were all sold by a single cigar shop in Hawaii. Hailing from Nicaragua the T110 features all home country tobaccos in it, which just so happen to be all ligero. The T stands for thermonuclear and the 110 is the MM of the cigar. This cigar is a total beast! With booming pepper, leather, pepper, spice, pepper, a chocolately sweetness and pepper this cigar is a power bomb on the taste buds. I chose this to feature today to pay tribute to the Apollo 10 Mission which launched on this day in 1969.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17th 2012 - Oja Oscuro

Today brings us the Oja Oscuro Destacado in a 6x52 Toro vitola. Oja is a new boutique cigar company with their factory being in Esteli, Nicaragua. They have 3 cigars and 3 different vitolas for each, Destacado which is a 6x52 Toro, a Distinguido which is a 6x54 Torpedo and the Artefacto which is a 6x60 Corona Grande. The Oscuro features a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper. You can expect a full bodied cigar with earthy and coffee flavors with a classic maduro sweetness and hints of spice throughout. I chose this to feature today as I was just gifted it from a great BOTL and am very excited about it. ojao

May 16th 2012 - Intemperance BA XXI

Today brings us the Intemperance BA XXI Avarice in a 4.5x52 Short Robusto vitola. Intemperance is brought to us by RoMa Craft Tobac. The BA XXI has a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper and comes to us from their factory, Fabrica de Tobacco NicaSueno in Esteli, Nicaragua. You'll get a woody and nutty core that has flavors of coffe, earth, chocolate and pepper to compliment it's core flavors. I chose this to be today's cigar to pay my respects to Spc. Leslie H. Sabo, Jr whose widow is being presented with his Medal of Honor from his actions in Vietnam. While on patrol Spc. Sabo and his fellow soldiers were ambushed he charged the enemy position and killed multiple enemy soldiers. He then protected another soldier's life by throwing a grenade that landed near them and shielding the other soldier with his own body causing injuries to himself. Then after being shot multiple times he crawled to the enemy bunker and tossed in a grenade that killed the remaining enemy fighters and it took his life as well. A true American hero was finally given the award he so courageously earned over 40 years ago. ibaxxi

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 15th 2012 - Room 101 Connecticut

Today brings us the Room 101 Connecticut Robusto in a 5x50 vitola. The Room 101 Connecticut is billed by Matt Booth as a "Connecticut with a kick". With a Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, a Corojo binder and fillers from the Dominican and Honduras this isn't your average Connecticut. With flavors of pepper, earth and a creamy sweetness that brings you the best of Connecticut wrappers without slacking on the flavor and body. I chose this to be today's cigar to stick with the same theme as yesterday. I wanted to feature this today as to celebrate and thank everybody who has been so supportive of the blog. It recently crossed over 20K views. I choose the Room 101 Connecticut because of all the support Matt has given the blog. Again thank you everybody who has enjoyed and been so supportive of the blog! DSC_3512

May 14th 2012 - Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial

Today brings us the Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial in a 4.5x50 Petit Robusto vitola. In 2010 Jaime Garcia, son of legendary blender Don Pepin Garcia, released his Reserva Especial line. This cigar comes with the quality and Cuban heritage that the Garcia family is known for. The Reserva Especial has a Connectictut Broadleaf wrapper, with a Nicaraguan binder and fillers. It has flavors of classic tobacco, dark chocolate, wood, pepper and earth. I wanted to feature this today as I only have the one to photograph and wanted to feature it so I can smoke it. jgre

May 13th 2012 - Opus X El Scorpion Natural

Today brings us the Arturo Fuente Opus X El Scorpion Natural in a 6 3/8x50 box pressed saloman. The El Scorpion Natural comes in the yearly Funete Cigar Family Charitable Foundation 22 count humidor box. Each cigar comes in it's own coffin and each box is serialized and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The El Scorpion Natural has a Opus X Rosado wrapper and binder with an Opus X blend for the fillers. You'll get flavors of classic tobacco, pepper, wood and leather. I chose this to be today's cigar to honor all the mothers out there, esp mine, my sisters and my fiance. Happy Mothers Day!


May 12th 2012 - La Aroma De Cuba Marquis

Today brings us the La Aroma De Cuba Marquis in a 5x54 Robusto vitola. The Marquis is a new old addition to the La Aroma De Cuba line. By this I mean it was discontinued and then brought back. The Marquis features it's wrapper and binder from Honduras and fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua. With flavor notes of pepper, wood, coffee and a sweetness this may not be the most complex cigars but it is a very consistent with great construction, draw and burn. Wanted to do a 2 day celebration for mothers day with this being the first one. Hope all the moms out there have a fantastic mothers day! DSC_2342-1

Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11th 2012 - RD Eleven Hundred

Today brings us the RD Eleven Hundred in what I estimate is a 6x52 toro vitola. Ryan Danger is known for his custom motorcycles. Now he is venturing into the realm of cigars. I was given this cigar by my buddy Brett at Tobaccology to try out and feature on here. I don't know really anything about them yet besides that they are produced by Rocky Patel in his factory. Wanted to feature this today to help get the word out on this new cigar. I will be refeaturing it with a review as soon as I smoke it. I hear great things and it looks like it's going to be a fantastic cigar. Be on the lookout for this one! DSC_4794

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 10th 2012 - Tatuaje Anarchy

Today brings us the Tatuaje Anarchy in it's only size a 6.125x48-52 Perfecto vitola. The Anarchy was created by Pete Johnson and Abe Dababneh who owns and runs Smoke Inn Cigars. The story as I know it is that Abe approached his good friend Pete Johnson when he wanted to make an exclusive Smoke Inn exclusive cigar and thus the Anarchy was born. This was a limited release of only 1,500 boxes containing 15 cigars each. It has an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with it's binder and fillers coming from Nicaragua. You'll get a smooth cigar with flavors of spice, leather, sweet chocolate, coffee, wood, earth and pepper. I know I featured this somewhat recently but it's the best cigar to honor Adam Yauch, MCA, of the Beastie Boys. MCA passed away over the weekend of cancer. I've been a Beastie Boys fan for longer than I can remember. MCA was always my favorite. Thanks for all the great music. You will be missed MCA...


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 9th 2012 - Diesel Crucible

Today brings us the Diesel Crucible in it's only size a 6.5x52 vitola. The Diesel line has been a huge hit among full bodied cigar enthusiast and the newest edition is a limited one. The Crucible comes to us from AJ Fernandez. Only 1,000 boxes of 12 were made which comes to 12,000 total Diesel Crucible cigars produced. It has an Ecuadorian Habano Medio Tempo wrapper, a Honduran binder and fillers from Nicaragua and the Honduras. I found this cigar to be a departure from the typical full bodied signature that AJ Fernandez has with his spice and pepper bombs. It is a smooth and elegant med-full to full bodied cigar. An earthy and leathery core is complemented by pepper and spice off of the foot that develops into wood, coffee and sweet chocolate. I wanted to feature this today, it's a few days late, but to honor the birthday of one of the greatest men to live. On May 7th 1976 Lt. Mike Murphy was born. He is a Navy SEAL Medal of Honor recipient who gave his life trying to save his men in Afghanistan on June 28th 2005. Under intense enemy fire Lt. Murphy made a last ditch effort to save his men exposed himself to enemy fire to make a satellite phone call to their base. As a result he was shot during the call, then finished it and then went back to fighting ultimately giving his life in service of his men and his country. Thank you for your exemplary leadership and sacrifice Sir. You will never be forgotten... DSC_4825

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8th 2012 - Room 101 iPhone Case

Today brings us an accessory instead of a cigar. Matt Booth has introduced a line of Room 101 iPhone cases that are simply bad ass. Made by Mimeocase they are made of aluminum so they aren't as heavy as they look but they do a really great job protecting your phone. The art work and etching done on them is top notch. It has a good feel in the hand and goes into and out of the pocket with ease. I wanted to feature this today to help spread the word on these as they are a great accessory for cigar enthusiasts. If you are a Room 101 fan then this is a must have accessory for you. If anybody is interested in getting one hit up and they'll take care of you. 101case

May 7th 2012 - My Uzi Weighs A Ton

Today brings us the My Uzi Weighs A Ton Toro in a 6x60 vitola. MUWAT is produced by Drew Estate's Subculture Studio with Joya de Nicaragua and is their first joint blend. The blend consists of Nicaraguan and Brazilian Mata Fina long fillers, a Connecticut Capote binder and a San Andres Maduro wrapper. With a earthy core that features a slight sweetness, cinnamon, spice and a leather this cigar is a medium bodied surprise. I chose this to feature today to celebrate the massive historical event that occurred on this day in 1945. General Alfred Jodl, Chief of the Operations Staff of the Armed Forces High Command of Germany, signed the unconditional surrender terms at Reims, France, ending Germany's participation in World War II. DSC_4810

May 5th 2012 - Gurkha Black Dragon

Today continues the CigarFest spotlight with the Gurkha Black Dragon in a 7x56 Imperial Presidente vitola. The Black Dragon that we know and love today isn't how the Black Dragon started. Originally released in 2006 they cost$1,150.00 each. Which made them the most expensive cigar ever made. They released 5 boxes of 100 cigars made from hand-carved camel bone. The blend consisted of very old and limited tobaccos. They released it in 2007 in a much more economic fashion. The blend consists of a Connecticut Maduro wrapper, a Cameroon binder with Dominican fillers. It's a creamy cigar with flavors of earth, spice, coffee and a classic maduro sweetness to it. >DSC_4814

Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 6th 2012 - Tatuaje The Drac

Today brings us the Tatuaje Drac in it's fang-shaped torpedo 6.75x52 vitola. Pete Johnson has one of what I think the coolest reoccurring limited release themes in his famed Monster Series. The Drac was #2 in the Monster Series. It is a Nicaraguan Puro with a Habano Maduro wrapper. The Drac gives you flavor notes of chocolate, leather, spice, woody and small hints of mint throughout that makes this a fantastic cigar. I wanted to feature this cigar today to pay homage to the official public opening of the Eiffel Tower on this day in 1889. Photobucket

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3rd 2012 - Alec Bradley Fine and Rare

Today continues CigarFest spotlight week. Today brings us the Alec Bradley Fine and Rare in a 6x52 Toro vitola. The Fine and Rare is very unique in that it utilizes 10 tobaccos in it's blend. It was blended at the Raices Cubanas Factory in the Honduras. Each one of the cigars is numbered and features the signature of the man behind Alec Bradley Cigars Alan Rubin, the VP Ralph Montero, the project manager, the roller and the buncher. The Fine and Rare features a Honduran wrapper from the Trojes farm, dual Honduran and Nicaraguan binders and undisclosed filler tobaccos. Only 1,111 boxes were released with 1,000 of them containing 10 of the toros, 100 boxes containing 10 toros and 10 torpedos, and 11 charity boxes containing 10 toros , 10 torpedos and 10 perfectos. You'll get a leather, earth and wood core complemented by pepper, spice, nuts and fruit notes. DSC_4809

May 2nd 2012 - Man O War Maduro

Today brings us the Man O War Maduro in a 6x60 vitola. The Man O War Maduro is the most limited Man O War cigar. It is limited to the Perfecto Sampler and the War Chest. There honestly isn't much out there on the Maduro. What I can tell you is that I've smoked a few of them now and they're fantastic cigars. Earthy, leathery, spicy, cocoa, coffee and a classic maduro sweetness and classic tobacco flavors make this cigar powerful but elegant. I chose this to feature today to celebrate what SEAL Team 6 and the CIA accomplished last year in their raid that took out the most influential terrorist in the world. On this day 1 year ago Osama Bin Laden lost his life in the raid and justice was finally brought justice to the victims of many terrorist attacks that he organized and/or funded and to those lost fighting the wars on terror. A huge thanks to all those involved! DSC_4817

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1st 2012 - My Father Le Bijou 1922

Today is day 2 of my CigarFest spotlight week. Today brings us the My Father Le Bijou 1922 Toro in a 6x52 vitola. My Father Cigars are known as one of the best manufacturers and some of the best cigars out there. My father was started in 2008 by Jamie Garcia and their factory in Esteli, Nicaragua located at the Garcia Family Industrial Park opened in 2009. My Father was created by Jamie to pay his respects to his dad Don Pepin Garcia. The Le Bijou 1922 was created as a tribute to Jamie's grandfather who was born in 1922. The Le Bijou 1922 is a Nicaraguan Puro with a Habano Oscuro wrapper. This medium bodied cigar features prominent flavors of oak, sweet dark chocolate and classic aged tobacco with touches of pepper throughout. Photobucket

Monday, April 30, 2012

Apr 30th 2012 - EP Carrillo Short Run 2011

Today I'm kicking off my CigarFest feature week. I'll be highlighting some of the brands I'm most excited to see at CigarFest this year. These are in no particular order. Today brings us the EP Carrillo Short Run 2011 Canonazos in a 5.8x52 vitola. Ernesto Perez-Carrillo is a legend in the cigar industry. After starting in Cuba the Ernesto and his family fled Cuba in the 1960's and set up in Miami and created El Credito Cigar Company which produced the still popular La Gloria Cubana Cigar line. In 2008 Ernesto left La Gloria Cubana and shortly there after started up the EPC Cigar Company with his son and daughter. Starting in 2010 they have been producing a yearly Short Run Cigar. It is featured in 3 vitolas and only 1500 boxes of each vitola was made. The 2011 features a Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper with Nicaraguan and Dominican long fillers. It has great elegant flavors of coffee, chocolate, tobacco, spice, roasted nuts and a very light pepper. Photobucket

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Apr 29th 2012 - Casa Fernandez Aganorsa Leaf

Today brings us the Casa Fernandez Aganorsa Leaf in a 5x52 Robusto vitola. Casa Fernandez comes to us from Tabaclera Tropical. They are based out of Esteli, Nicaragua for not only their headquarters but also their production. According to their website they use Cuban seeds to grow their tobaccos and follow the traditional Cuban methods for their cigar production. The Aganorsa is a Nicaraguan puro and features a 2006 Sun Grown Criollo wrapper. It's a very smooth cigar with flavor notes of pepper, cedar, coffee with a nice sweetness to it. I featured this today as a blind grab out of the humidor. cfal

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Apr 28th 2012 - Revisit Diesel Unholy Cocktail Aged 2 years

Today bring us a revisit of Wed Apr 25th's cigar. The Diesel Unholy Cocktail 5x56 vitola. This has been consistently for 2 years one of my favorite cigars. It comes wrapped in a Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro wrapper with a Nicaraguan binder and fillers. Wanted to revisit this today to give an updated review on what 2 years has done to this cigar. I feel like the tobaccos have really came together nicely. The pepper and spice has really died down in it but the oak and earth flavors have developed well and compliment each other nicely. There's still a nice sweetness to it and a slight spice that reminds you of what it's like fresh. This cigar really shows you what aging can do and how elegant it can make a cigar. 2yrduc

Friday, April 27, 2012

Apr 27th 2012 - CAO Criollo

Today brings us the CAO Criollo in a 6.1x52 Conquistador Torpedo vitola. The CAO Criollo comes wrapped in a 1998 Criollo wrapper that was grown from an experimental Cuban seed. It is a Nicaraguan Puro containing only Nicaraguan tobaccos in it's blend. It's a cigar that gives you waves of pepper and spice with a nice earth and creamy core to it. Wanted to feature this today to give a shout out to all the great cigar pics that are happening on instagram. Find and follow me, ENFIDL, and it'll be easy to find a lot of other great cigar peeps on there as well. Hope everybody has a great weekend! caocriollo

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Apr 26th 2012 - Hammer and Sickle Moscow City

Today brings us the Hammer and Sickle Moscow City in a 6x54 Toro vitola. The Moscow City is a limited production cigar that they brought out I believe in 2010. I'm finding some conflicting information on the blend. On the H&S site it says that it is a 100% Connecticut Broadleaf blend but everywhere else I'm reading that it has a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, with a Dominican binder and fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican. Regardless of the blend it was done by legendary master blender Henke Kelner of Davidoff. That alone says how great of a cigar this is. It's a spicy, chocolately, peppery, earthty and woody cigar with coffee notes throughout. I chose this to be today's cigar because it was on this day in 1986 that the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster occurred. Photobucket

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Apr 25th 2012 - Diesel Unholy Cocktail

Today brings us the Diesel Unholy Cocktail in a 5x56 vitola. This is one of my hands down favorite cigars. It comes wrapped in a beautiful Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro wrapper with it's binder and fillers come from Nicragua. The UC is full bodied and has great balance and complexity. It is a leathery, peppery, earthy, chocolaty sweet and spicy cigar. Featuring this today as I was gifted a box of these by my awesome fiance 2 years ago and will be having one of the remaining 5 today and 1 each year on this day until they're gone. DSC_0176

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Apr 24th 2012 - La Flor Dominicana Air Bender

Today brings us the La Flor Dominicana Air Bender in a 6.5x54 Chisel vitola. The chisel is a revolutionary design by the guys at LFD. It's a figuardo that is flattened and reminds me of a clarinet's mouthpiece. The Air Bender comes from the Dominican Republic with it's fillers and binder coming from there as well with an Ecuadorian wrapper. It has great flavors of dark chocolate, nuts, spice, pepper, earth and hints of leather. I chose this to be today's cigar as on this day in 1990 the Hubble Space Telescope was launched on the Shuttle Discovery. The Hubble revolutionized space research.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Apr 23rd 2012 - Tatuaje TAA 2011

Today brings us the Tatuaje TAA 2011 in it's only size a 5 5/8x54 vitola. TAA stands for the Tobacconist Association of America. Pete Johnson did an exclusive release for retailers who signed up for the release at the annual TAA convention. Only 1,500 boxes of 20 cigars were made. This will be a recurring release every year with a new blend and vitola used year to year. The 2011 has a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper with Nicaraguan tobaccos as the binder and filler. It has flavors of earth, spice, pepper, chocolate, coffee ,cedar and a sweetness to it that really brings it all together. Featuring this today to help raise awareness on what the FDA is trying to do. If the FDA has their way we won't have any more shops for us to get and enjoy shops at. The FDA is trying to put new regulations that would completely change how we enjoy cigars. This would jeopardize over 85,000 American jobs, destroy America’s B&M premium cigar retailers & manufacturers, and risk over 250,000 jobs in Latin American that produce cigars, impacting the economic/political stability in the region. Please stand up for your rights and visit the links below to make your voice heard. 25K signatures are needed by May 11th. Please share this and help spread the word and keep the FDA out of your humidors. Thanks everybody...!/petition/not-allow-fda-regulate-premium-cigars/BKspSSnN?


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Apr 22nd 2012 - Oliva Serie V

Today brings us the Oliva Serie V in a 5x54 Double Robusto vitola. The Serie V is known as premier staple in the Oliva line. The Serie V consistently gets very high ratings amongst the big cigar magazines. Oliva makes tobacconist undergo training on this cigar to carry it. The Serie V consists of all ligero tobaccos and has a Sun Grown Habano wrapper. It has a classic tobacco core with hints of spice, pepper, coffee and chocolate. Featuring this cigar today to celebrate Earthy Day. Photobucket

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Apr 21st 2012 - Arganese Uno

Today brings us the Arganese Uno in a 6x60 vitola. Arganese Cigars has a pretty great story I think. Gene Arganese wanted to create a cigar for his personal use and then due to how much those around him loved him he decided to go all out with it. The Uno is slightly infused with premium cognac when it's made. It's a Dominican puro. You'll get a sweet and cedary flavor profile. I wanted to feature this today to honor accomplishment of Rollie Fingers on this day in 1982 when he became the first pitcher in Major League Baseball history to record 300 saves. Well I also want to honor that epic mustache that he had... Photobucket

Apr 20th 2012 - La Flor Dominicana Colorado Oscuro

Today brings us the La Flor Dominicana Colorado Oscuro No 5 in a 5.75x60 vitola. The Colorado Oscuro was the highly anticipated released at last years IPCPR by LFD. The Colorado Oscuro isn't exactly what I would call a limited release but it is a limited annual release only being shipped out to retailers twice a year. It features a very rich brown Ecuadorian Ligero Sumatra wrapper, a Dominican Sumatra binder and fillers from the Dominican and Nicaragua. You'll get a toasty, earthy, spicy cigar that also has notes of chocolate, coffee, and pepper. I wanted to feature this today as a memorial to the 13 people who lost their lives and 21 who were injured in the shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado on this day in 1999. Photobucket

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Apr 19th 2012 - Tatuaje La Verite 2009

Ok so I know I've asked before but your help is still needed everybody. Pete Johnson, one of the top manufacturers in the industry and a HUGE supporter of my blog, is competing to win the Crushpad Club Challenge. It's Pete's opportunity to make a 10+ year dream of getting into the wine industry come true. The contest is now in the fan vote phase. Please go here,!/crushpad?sk=app_301784786521549, and vote for TATOUAGE. You can vote only vote once so please if you can take a sec pop over and show Pete some love. Thanks!

Today brings us the Tatuaje La Verite Vintage 2009 L’Espirit de Verite Robusto in a 5x50 vitola. Pete Johnson is known for his limited release cigars. The Verite, truth in French, is one that he takes immense pride in. Pete applies a vintners approach to the process by using tobaccos all grown on the same farm. The La Verite Vintage 2009 gets it's tobaccos from part of the 2007 growing season at the Garcia family's La Estrella farm in Nicaragua. The La Verite Vintage 2009 L’Espirit de Verite consists of 50% Habano Criollo, 40% Criollo 98 and 10% Pelo de Oro tobaccos. You'll get great flavors of cocoa, wood, spice and pepper. I chose this to be today's as it relates to what I'm trying to help Pete accomplish with this post with his approach to the La Verite Vintage line. Thanks for the help guys!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Apr 18th 2012 - Man O War Armada

Today brings us the Man O War Armada in a 6.5x56 Toro Grande vitola. The Armada is the premium blend in the Man O War line. Like the others this cigar does not disappoint. It is more elegant than it looks though. I was pleasently surprised that it wasn't a full bodied beast. It has an Ecuadorian Sumatra Maduro wrapper and long fillers from Nicaragua. The Armada has an earthy core with spice, leather, coffee and a nice sweetness to balance it all out. I wanted to feature this today to pay homage to Operation Praying Mantis which happened on this day in 1988. This operation was carried out by the US Navy and Marine Corps on Iranian Naval forces after the USS Samuel B. Roberts struck a mine on Apr 14th 1988 as a result of Iran placing mines in the Persian Gulf during their war with Iraq. 2 Marines lost their lives in the Operation in a helicopter crash. You're sacrifice will never be forgotten...


Apr 17th 2012 - Gurkha Special Ops

Today brings us the Gurkha Special Ops in a 7x50 Churchill vitola. Gurkha release one of what is quite possibly the most awesome cigar and accessory combos I've ever seen. A 30 ct travel case that is a beast, with 20 cigars, a knife and a challenge coin. Unfortunately I can't feature the whole thing as I don't own one. The Special Ops features a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper with Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers. It's a earthy, peppery, chocolaty, cedary cigar with a classic aged tobacco taste to it. I wanted to feature this today to pay my respects to the crew of the Apollo 13. They made it through some of the worst conditions possible. Lack of oxygen and had to deal with freezing temperatures and extreme heat. They held it together and made it through everything thrown at them.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Apr 16th 2011 - Davidoff Special Series

Today brings us the Davidoff Special Series in a 4.8x50 Robusto vitola. Davidoff is known as one of the premier premium cigar makers in the industry. The Special Series features an Ecuadorian Connecticut Wrapper with a binder and fillers hailing from the Dominican Republic which is where this cigar is made. You'll get a mild bodied beauty with flavors of honey, vanilla, milk chocolate and lemon. I chose this to be today's cigar to remember those who were lost in the VA Tech shooting on this day in 2007. 32 people lost their lives and 25 more were injured. This may have happened 5 years ago but for the families and friends of the victims it can't be any easier today than it was then. Just know that there are those of us out there who are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers...


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Apr 15th 2012 - Gurkha Legend

Today brings us the Gurkha Legend in a 6x52 Torpedo vitola. Hands down one of my fav sticks by Gurkha. It comes from the Dominican Republic and features a 7 yr old Connecticut Broad Leaf Maduro wrapper with a Cameroon binder and Dominican fillers. This cigar has an earthy and leathery core that is complemented by spice and a nice maduro sweetness. I wanted to feature this as the Titanic Memorial cigar. On Apr 15th 1912 the RMS Titanic sank. More than 1500 people lost their lives. To give some perspective there was only 710 who survived. It's legend has been told far and wide and it's story transcends generations unlike almost any other...