Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 2nd 2012 - Man O War Maduro

Today brings us the Man O War Maduro in a 6x60 vitola. The Man O War Maduro is the most limited Man O War cigar. It is limited to the Perfecto Sampler and the War Chest. There honestly isn't much out there on the Maduro. What I can tell you is that I've smoked a few of them now and they're fantastic cigars. Earthy, leathery, spicy, cocoa, coffee and a classic maduro sweetness and classic tobacco flavors make this cigar powerful but elegant. I chose this to feature today to celebrate what SEAL Team 6 and the CIA accomplished last year in their raid that took out the most influential terrorist in the world. On this day 1 year ago Osama Bin Laden lost his life in the raid and justice was finally brought justice to the victims of many terrorist attacks that he organized and/or funded and to those lost fighting the wars on terror. A huge thanks to all those involved! DSC_4817

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