Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 5th 2012 - Gurkha Black Dragon

Today continues the CigarFest spotlight with the Gurkha Black Dragon in a 7x56 Imperial Presidente vitola. The Black Dragon that we know and love today isn't how the Black Dragon started. Originally released in 2006 they cost$1,150.00 each. Which made them the most expensive cigar ever made. They released 5 boxes of 100 cigars made from hand-carved camel bone. The blend consisted of very old and limited tobaccos. They released it in 2007 in a much more economic fashion. The blend consists of a Connecticut Maduro wrapper, a Cameroon binder with Dominican fillers. It's a creamy cigar with flavors of earth, spice, coffee and a classic maduro sweetness to it. >DSC_4814

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