Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18th 2012 - Tatuaje T110

Today's brings us the Tatuaje T110 in the only size it was ever made, 4.3x52. Only 200 boxes of 25 cigars, 5,000 total, were made and were all sold by a single cigar shop in Hawaii. Hailing from Nicaragua the T110 features all home country tobaccos in it, which just so happen to be all ligero. The T stands for thermonuclear and the 110 is the MM of the cigar. This cigar is a total beast! With booming pepper, leather, pepper, spice, pepper, a chocolately sweetness and pepper this cigar is a power bomb on the taste buds. I chose this to feature today to pay tribute to the Apollo 10 Mission which launched on this day in 1969.


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