Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mar 9th 2012 - Man O War 52C

Today brings us the Man O War 52C in a 5x52 Robusto vitola. The 52C is the one of the new Man O War Side Projects that AJ Fernandez has released to his uber popular Man O War line. In my opinion this is the most interesting of them all due to it's shape with a chisel type head on it. Here's the only info I can find on the 52C from cigar.com: "This tasty robusto comes in a stout 5.0"x52 size with a chisel cap for easy access to the savory blend. This Nicaraguan concoction is bursting with flavor that is mellowed by the fatter ring gauge. Still medium to full-bodied, expect notes of oak and spice that lingers on your palate." Wanted to feature this today as I wanted to finish out the new side project series.


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