Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mar 6th 2012 - Man O War Phalanx

Today brings us the Man O War Phalanx in it's only size a 6.5x56 vitola. AJ Fernandez has lots of success with the Man O War line. From the Virtue to the Armada they are all great smokes. AJ has now released 3 limited run Man O War Side Projects. The Phalanx brings us a maduro offering. While there's not much out there on them cigar.com says that the Phalanx is "A rich, dark maduro in a massive 6.5"x56 size, this blend has flavor to spare. Dark chocolate notes hit your palate as soon as you light it up and a hint of spice lasts throughout." Chose this to feature today to help spread the word on this limited production beauties.


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