Friday, March 2, 2012

Mar 2nd 2012 - Viaje Zombie

Today brings us the Viaje Zombie in a 4 3/4x52 vitola. The Zombie was an extremely limited release by Viaje in April of 2011 with only 100 boxes of 20 produced. They were sold by Tobacco Grove and BURN both in MN. They were designed to be a follow on to the MOAB and WMD with theme being that people become Zombies after the fallout. It is a Nicaraguan Puro hailing from Honduras. The Zombie features triple caps on both ends. Just like it's predecessors, the MOAB and WMD, the Zombie is a serious powerhouse. You'll get a full bodied experience with flavors of leather, earth, chocolate, coffee, pepper and spice. I featured this today as I was graciously gifted this yesterday by two great BOTL from the forums. HUGE thanks to RCY and JSnake for the hookup!


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