Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feb 1st 2012 - Alec Bradley Black Market

Today brings us the Alec Bradley Black Market Robusto in a 5.2x52 vitola. Alec Bradley has been revered as a top manufacturer in the cigar industry. The Black Market was Alec Bradley's 2011 new release. Alec Bradley yet again hit another home run with the Black Market. The Black Market sports a Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper, a Sumatran binder and has long fillers from Panama and the Honduras. Today I'll be providing a review from my good buddy Robby over at, Right off the bat you are hit with big coffee flavors and a sweet citrusy note with a dry sweetness provided by the wrapper. Then the big coffee gets hints of earth and nuts as it develops into the middle of the stick. In the last part the coffee subsides and competing flavors of creamy sweetness and tangy bitterness battle it out but balance each other well to keep the flavors from being too sweet or too bitter. Thanks for the great review Robby! Chose this for today's cigar as I just got it and it's not gonna last long in my humidor!



  1. All these great cigars, and so little room in the humi. Gonna have to break down for a cooler some day.