Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb 11th 2012 - AJ Fernandez Fresh Rolled

Today brings us the AJ Fernandez Fresh Rolled Toro in a 6x50 vitola. I had some trouble finding info on the AJ Fernandez Fresh Rolled but did dig up the following from Alex Svenson the chief merchant at cigar.com: "No bells and whistles but a great value. He had some off color habano ecuador wrapper and excess fillers he needed to use so we came up with this little brand. Good value day in and day out. It dawned on me that we really didn't have a bundle item as even his inexpensive stuff is boxed like Nica Libre etc. If you like the value line stuff out of his camp you will like this. Just a solid everyday smoke." I'm very excited to smoke this and will report back on how it was after I get a chance to. I wanted to feature this and get everybody's thoughts on it.


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  1. I bought a bundle of the natural and promptly returned them after smoking two or three. They were all extremely underfilled. I also got this strong menthol taste from the blend?

    I asked for a bundle of the maduro in exchange and was happy with the trade. The maduro bundle (in churchill) have been much better. Construction has been good and consistent. The blend is much more to my liking with a heavy maduro mocha undertone. I just smoked one yesterday and noticed how much these have mellowed (bundle date is 03/12.) I hope they keep some of their strength. Enjoy!