Friday, January 6, 2012

Jan 6th 2012 - Gran Habano Azteca Fuerte

Today brings us the Gran Habano Azteca Fuerte Torpedo in a 6x52 vitola. The Azteca Fuerte hails from Honduras and utilizes a special technique for it's wrapper and binder. It has 2 San Andres Maduro wrappers 1 for the wrapper and another that serves as the binder and its fillers are from Panama and Nicaragua. With the Azteca Fuerte you'll get great full flavors of earth, spice, coffee and a sweetness on the finish that brings it all together. I chose this to be today's cigar as it was on this day in 1930 that the first diesel engined automobile trip was completed. It was from Indianapolis, Indiana to New York, New York. This laid the groundwork for all the diesel engined vehicles we rely on today. Just as the people who drive them and work on them are blue collared people this is a blue collared smoke with it's great flavors and it's average price point of $2 - $2.50.



  1. is that a good stick? I have a few of the Fuerte and a few of the regular Azteca, but I haven't smoked them...

  2. Hannibal can't get enough of them. Dude loves him some Azteca. This is the only one I had so I hadn't gotten to smoke it yet since I was waiting until after I got it photographed lol

  3. Just had a few gifted to me can't wait to get home to fire one up.