Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jan 10th 2012 - Cain Daytona

Today brings us the Cain Daytona Torpedo in a 6x54 vitola. The Cain Daytona was a new addition last year to the Cain line by Oliva. The Daytona hails from Nicaragua. It is a true Nicaraguan puro as it features all Nicaraguan tobaccos with a Habano wrapper and it's fillers consisting of ligero leaves from the Jalapa Valley. The Daytona was introduced as a smoother blend into the powerhouse line of "Straight Ligero" cigars. The Daytona produces flavor notes of earth, pepper, spice, nuts and a creamy sweetness that makes this the most complex smoke in the Cain line. I chose this today as it, with some other awesome sticks, was gifted to me yesterday by my buddy MTuccelli. Thanks Mike!



  1. The cigar mold provides such a sweet background! Such great texture... not a fan of the daytona though... great pic, but the cigar was not to my liking... in fact, I don't really care for the entire Cain line...

    1. Thanks! I really dig the mold. Brett really hooked me up! I enjoy most of the Cain line. Esp the Habano and the F. Both are great in the robusto and nub sizes. Well for me that is lol The maduro on the other hand isn't for me