Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jan 17th 2012 - Puros Indios Viejo

Today brings us the Puros Indios Viejo Robusto in a 5x50 vitola. The Puros Indios Viejo is a value priced cigar with a 20 ct box price ranging $30-$40. Don't let that fool you. The Viejo has a Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, with an Ecuadorian binder and it's long fillers coming from Brazil, Nicaragua and the Dominican. You'll get great flavors of cocoa, leather and wood. This is a great cigar for any smoker new or old. This was chosen for today by my fiance and her son. They picked a few out and did pics of them for the next few days. A big thanks to them for their work!


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