Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dec 8th 2011 - Gurkha Cuban Legacy

Today brings us the Gurkha Cuban Legacy Robusto in a 5.5x50 vitola. Gurkha's Cuban Legacy is a very popular cigar with a great price point around $2.50 on a box purchase you can't go wrong. The Cuban Legacy has Nicaraguan tobaccos for it's fillers and binder with a San Andreas Maduro wrapper. This is one of my favorite wrappers on the market. An earthy, wood, chocolaty core is complemented by notes of spice, nuts and pepper throughout. I chose this for today to pay honor to the legacy that The Greatest Generation. It was on this day 70 years ago that the United States formally entered into World War II. The United States military lost a total of 416,800 people in the war. A total of 464 Medals of Honor was awarded more than half of those, 266, were awarded post posthumously. If it were not for the love of country and braveness that they showed the United States would not be what it is today. My grandfather was 16 when he joined the Army to go fight in WWII. He was a field medic and was assigned to the 3rd Marine Division due to a shortage of Navy Corpsman. He bravely fought through the pacific war and has been a huge inspiration to me my entire life. I unfortunately lost him to cancer when I was 8 but nevertheless the things he did shaped everyone around him. Take a small moment of silence today to remember their sacrifices that have allowed us to have the lifestyles we enjoy today.



  1. A favorite of mine any time of day. Thanks E for posting this one.