Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dec 11th 2011 - La Aurora E. Leon

Today brings us the La Aurora E. Leon Double Corona in a 7.5x50 vitola. The E. Leon has a Cameroon wrapper with an Indonesian binder and it's fillers coming from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. With flavor notes of earth, pepper, oak and a sweetness on the finish you get the consistency and quality of a La Aurora cigar that you have come to know and love as they are known as one of the top manufacturers in the industry. I chose this as a blind grab cigar for today. I opened up the humidor and reached in and this is what I came out with.


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  1. Think this is actually just the regular La Aurora line. No such thing as the "E. Leon" which is just the name of the founder of the company, Eduardo Leon Jimenes. That said, the regular L.A. cigars are one of my favorite cheap as dirt every day knock-around smokes to bring to a card game or a party or a cookout where I want a stogie, but not something I have feel bad if I am not paying close attention to.