Friday, December 2, 2011

Dec 2nd 2011 - Tatuaje T110

Today's cigar is the Tatuaje T110 in a 4.3x52 vitola which is it's only size. Only 5,000 of these were made, 200 boxes of 25, and were all sold by a single cigar shop in Hawaii. Hailing from Nicaragua the T110 features all home country tobaccos in it, which just so happen to be all ligero. The T stands for thermonuclear and the 110 is the MM of the cigar. This cigar is a total beast! With booming pepper, leather, pepper, spice, pepper, a chocolately sweetness and pepper this cigar is a power bomb on the taste buds. Which brings us to why it is today's cigar. Today marks the 69th anniversary of when the Manhattan Project initiated the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. This lead to the further creation of the nuclear bomb which as we all know changed the face of not only warfare but the world.



  1. Fantastic cigar, wish it would have become a regular.

  2. I wish so too as this is the only one I have and don't want to smoke it as a result haha