Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nov 13th 2011 - Tatuaje Ashtray

Today I'm kicking off gift guide week. All week long I will be featuring great gift ideas for the cigar enthusiast in you life or as an easy way to give a hint about something you'd like for Christmas by sharing a link to the blog. Today I'm kicking it off in grand fashion with Tatuaje's black ashtray. This is hands down one of the best looking ashtrays I've ever seen. It's beautiful. It has rests for 4 cigars and plenty of room for any amount of ashes you and your buddies can fit into it. This ashtray is somewhat of a rarity now as it's no longer made. Sometimes you can get lucky and still find a shop that has one but they can be found online with relative ease. If you are looking for a beautiful ashtray to enhance your cigar smoking experience then you will be very hard pressed to find one better than this.


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  1. I love the ashtray and i love tatuaje, but this is not the best ashtray i have ever seen, it is rather normal, have you seen that Drew Estate pewter ashtray, that is gorgeous