Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nov 10th 2011 - Room 101 One Shot, One Kill

Today's cigar is the Room 101 One Shot, One Kill Perfecto pre-release sampler. The One Shot, One Kill is going to be the fifth line release for Room 101. Reviews on the pre-release sampler say that it is medium-full bodied with notes of leather, earth, nuts, citrus and allspice which come together beautifully and make this cigar very special. I chose this to be today's cigar because today is the 236th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. The Marine Corps has long been known as the fiercest fighting force in the world. One Shot, One Kill is a motto that Marines live by. My good friend and fellow Marine Matt Booth, the man behind Room 101, served as an 0331 Infantry Machine Gunner in the Marine Corps. I see no better way to celebrate the birthday of the Marine Corps than with a cigar made by a Marine. I also would like to ask everyone to take a moment out of your day and take a moment of silence or say a prayer for all the Marines who over the last 236 years have given their lives in service of the Corps and Country that they love so much. Happy birthday and Semper Fi brothers!


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