Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Apr 10th 2012 - Perdomo Lot 23

Today brings us the Perdomom Lot 23 in a 5x50 Robusto vitola. The way the story was told to me was that in 2000 Nick Perdomo planted some experimental tobaccos on his lot number 23. When blending with them Nick found that they worked best with each other and thus the Lot 23 was born. Which means that not only is this a true Nicaraguan puro but all of the tobaccos in it come from the same field and today I'm featuring the Natural wrapper version. It's a spicy and sweet cigar with woody, nutty and earthy cigar. Chose this today as I'm only a few views away from 17K and thought this was a great cigar to feature for the occasion.


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